Our Technology

professional businessman holding an iPad

Our investment in advanced technology allows us to provide you with enhanced services, where we can focus our attention on your investment. With exceptional property management and accounting software, combined with a robust digital document archival system, here are some of the many benefits we extend to our clients:

We can respond faster and provide better service to clients

Because our technology is web-based, we can securely access information about all properties at any time from any location. Sensitive data is housed in data centers with the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions.

Monthly statements are efficiently delivered by email

Easy-to-read owner statements, along with any invoice copies for repairs, are automatically delivered to your email inbox (usually by the 6th of the month). You receive all your monthly data in one simple PDF file attachment, saving you time and paper.

You will be paid faster and more securely

We use electronic ACH payments to securely deposit your proceeds into your bank account each month so you receive the money even faster (usually by the 7th of the month).

You can access your property data online at anytime

Our clients can easily access historical statements, work orders, invoice copies for repairs, and annual cash flow summary reports online from our convenient online Owners Portal. You will benefit from instant access to your property records at any time and from anywhere.

Maintenance issues are addressed and resolved promptly

We can create and send paperless work orders and communicate electronically with our vendors so we ultimately resolve maintenance issues more quickly. All records are stored for future access. Residents can even submit maintenance requests right from our website.

We can efficiently market your rental property to more outlets

Our integrated system allows us to quickly market your property to many different Internet sites with attractive photos and detailed vacancy ads that were designed by a professional designer. Our rental listings stand out from the crowd to attract more prospective renters.

Prospective renters can apply online to fill vacancies sooner

Online rental applications are integrated with vacancy postings. This means we can avoid paper applications, saving lots of time and ultimately filling vacancies even faster.

Residents can securely and easily pay rent online

Our residents enjoy the convenience of paying rent electronically at no additional cost. It’s easy for them to setup automatic rent payments.

Experience the APM Technology Difference!